Andi Pomato

Andrés (or Andi) Pomato, is a musician, singer and songwriter from La Plata, Argentina, born in 1986. Raised on a musical environment at home, he has been a music lover from the real beginning, listening to the music of bands like The Beatles and Oasis. He did a music career at college, and in 2013 released his first album in Spanish entitled “Nubosidad Variable” with 11 tracks. This gave Andi the chance to open at the Gran Rex’s presentations of Jason Mraz.

After this, the singer decided to do a new EP in English, “Airport” (2016), and release it in London, where he played during months in the street to connect with the public. Because of this EP, he could record another one in 2017, “Mostly Sunny”, in nothing less than the Abbey Road Studio. His latest EP, “Holidays” was released in August, 2019. He is currently living in London.

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