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Syna Awel

Since her childhood Syna Awel has been rocked by the compositions of her father, a composer and author from the 1990s, descended from a family of storytellers and musicians from Kabylia. She starts very early on stage (at 6 years old) accompanied by her brothers and sisters by interpreting the creations of her father, who is also a radio host and programmer from the stéphanoise and lyonnaise region. Originally from St-Etienne, Syna Awel left in search of the Sun and it was in Nice that she made an important musical encounter: the Brazilian guitarist and composer Marcus Cecconi. 

Photo by Julien Sanine

Together they write and compose a dozen soul songs, r’n’b, with Latin-Eastern sounds that represent the different worlds of the two artists. Syna then discovered himself as a composer. Syna, will multiply the scenes and the beautiful artistic meetings which will lead her to Miami and Kingston (in the famous Studio of Bob Marley TUFF GONG under the artistic direction of Dean Fraser). Syna Awel returns from these travels with a certain determination, to draw from her roots, and will be even more in search of African sounds. In this élan she calls upon musicians from the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region with Afro-Jazz-world influences, and thus introduces the sounds of flute, percussion and guembri into her creations. Syna Awel’s World album “Human Journey” is currently being finalized and the EP coming out next December is a nice draft. More than an invitation to travel, Syna Awel’s music leads to the discovery of world music and the human soul. by @synaawel

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