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It is in 2010, at 18 years old, that NINA ATTAL arrives on the French scene, armed with the totality of the Blues sur Seine springboard prizes, that she won unanimously, never seen before! These awards will be his “tickets” to play in several festivals that year. From then on, she never stopped touring in France, Quebec (including the big stage of the Festival de Jazz de Montréal in 2012), Germany and Switzerland where her career developed in parallel. The stage is his home. Its raison to be is to do this job. With nearly 500 concerts to her credit, Nina’s has become a real stage animal, with contagious energy that seduces an audience from 7 to 77 years old, from music lover to neophyte.

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The same goes for the people of the “profession” who go from Norbert Krief (Nono de Trust) who loves her and comes to play the guest at a concert, Marc Cerrone who chose her to accompany her at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Nile Rodgers who falls under the spell when she opens for her second album “Wha” in New York in 2014, Adam Turner alias Beat Assailant who never stops collaborating with her as well as Benjamin Siksou (they both take part in this new opus), she ignites the Trianon when Electro Deluxe invites her to share the stage and DJ Greem, member of C2C, proposes to remix one of her tracks. In short, her musical family is vast and she plans to expand it further with this new JUMP album. Nina’s is an “independent” artist who has not waited for anyone to take control of her destiny. It traces and proves that there is not only the royal way to reach its ends, the roads of traverse also lead to the scene, even if for that it is necessary to become a company manager and to deploy much more energy, not to give up anything. Today, his new crew is largely made up of members of his family, who are already seasoned and recognised professionals, except for his younger brother for whom these are the beginnings. JUMP is a more personal album where Nina is no longer afraid to reveal herself, to evoke subjects that touch her, she so modest, who fought against a paralysing shyness. She evokes the history of her family, her dreams and her struggles and more broadly that of women, the protection of the planet. Nina’s musical style evolves harmoniously over time. Author, composer, inspired since always by the rhythm blues and the groove of the American black music, she defines today her own contours, takes her own way, mixes her own ingredients to deliver us a singular version, current, raw and incisive, flirting with hip hop but always and more than ever accompanied by her guitar. by

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