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Recognized by his band Linkin Park, and side-project Fort Minor, comes now to prove his great value as a soloist, with an amazing talent, passion and creativity driven by his deepest feelings and right from his heart. Michael Kenji Shinoda was born in 1977, is a multi-instrumentalist, musician, singer, rapper, music producer and graphic designer, with a long trajectory in the musical industry.

Based on genres like nu metal, alternative rock, alternative metal, hip hop, hard rock, rap, rap rock and electronic rock, Mike fuses many elements into his personal music project, collaborations and productions.

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Mike developed his love for music since young encouraged by his mom, going through styles like jazz, blues and hip hop, eventually adding guitar and rap. In 1999, Linkin Park was born starting Shinoda’s professional music career.

Then, in 2004 he created the hip hop/rap side project Fort Minor, a way to express better his love for the rap style.

Now, Mike decided to go soloist and released in 2018 an EP “Post Traumatic”, and the same year later in June, an LP with the same name and with a deluxe version released in 2019 that include 18 tracks. His last single “fine” saw the public light at the ends of 2019.

Mike Shinoda, with a desire to create more substantial music and to spread a message of depth reality, has now a path to height his own name and work, higher than it currently is.

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