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Manu Katché

Manu Katché (Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, born in October, 1958) is a French drummer and talented songwriter, raised in an environment of musicians. He started learning to play the drums when he was 13, and when he was 15 years old, he spent four years studying classical percussion at the music school. He began playing jazz and fusion, but always with the sensitivity of a percussionist, however, he quitted from a career in a symphony orchestra, to chase his dream of debuting in the worlds of jazz and pop rock. There is when he became a session and concert drummer with a wide variety of groups. In the mid-’80s, Katche’s fame rose considerably, thanks to his participation in the touring and recording projects of Peter Gabriel and Sting. From 1985 to 1988 he was in a band called “Preface”, with the guitar player Kamil Rustam.

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In 1992, Katché released his first solo album “It’s About Time”, mostly with the rock genre. Manu decided to take a break for a time, but then he emerged in the mid-2000s, and released a second album named “Neighbourhood” in September, 2005. His next album saw the light in 2006, under the name “Grévin by Manu Katché”. The following albums were “Playground” (2007), “Third Round” (2010), “Manu Katché” (2012), “Unstatic” (2016), and last but not least, his most recent album called “The Scope”, launched in February, 2019. This last album includes 10 tracks. Manu is a sensitive man, elegant and cultured, with a very original but evolving style of music. The secret of his success is how he can get adapted to any kind of genre or musical mix, also the way that he is so comfortable on the studio and the stage. His passion gives to whatever he plays, a sensational rhythm. Manu has contributed on countless albums from a lot of different artists that respect him and recognize him for his talent, he has also accompanied artists such as Dire Straits, Bee Gees, Mango, Claudio Baglioni, Jan Garbarek or Joe Satriani. This master of jazz and pop-rock is known in the actuality as one of the world’s best musicians.

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