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Jorge Vera

“Two essential but rare characteristics flourish in Jorge´s art. First his virtuosism and the the creativity pours on top of that. That grants him a versatility, the capacity to interpret any genre. But as time went by I discovered his greatest virtue: the enthusiasm. I´ve seen few musicians enjoy so deeply what they do, regardless if he playing salsa, jazz, pop or a copla.

Photo by @jorgeveramusic

For him, the act of playing is a moment for joy and the decisions he takes as a piano player during rehearsals and shows are afar of inertia or an automatized response. Knowing himself so much, he the can seek places he hasn´t been before and surprises you every time. This “infects” everyone sharing the stage with him, making us to take chances and exit our comfort zone. Giving each moment an aura of unrepeatable uniqueness.” by 

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