Johndoe, whose real name is Gouléhi Din ZAHI, is from Guadeloupe and Ivory Coast. Artist -Entrepreneur – Producer – Author – Multi swing performer. He grew up in Sarcelles (in the Paris suburbs), then lived a few years in Africa. Back in France at the age of 11, the desire to sing was expressed in his twenties. Influencing by his uncle musician and renowned Zouk artists, he launched himself. Johndoe and the zouk: More than a dance, more than a passion, she accompanies him in every stage of his life, he has seen him grow and like a shadow, he never leaves him.

France Music

Photo by UmoyaLMrecords

The adventure took off with the signature of his group Hold up zouk with the production company – Editeur Moradisc. The most influential house 2003 is a pivotal period, Sexual Healing is the song that will open Johndoe’s musical horizon. He will play guitar/voice piano in all Parisian bars in RnB/Soul mode. He joined the sounalighta group of 5 musicians – 3 songs with a wide musical spectrum (Reggae, Funk, RnB, Ska, Ragga). In parallel, he created his own group RnB/Soul Dinanthologie. This learning period will last 7 years and he will cumulate a little more than 200 live dates. 2012 Johndoe creates the concept Zoukgame (Texts with rap sound to Zouk melody) and produces his first Solo Album independently without label (Don’t panik I am a zoukeur). That same year, the Crescendo Music Label signed him on an artist contract for 4 years. Crescendo music develops Johndoe’s reputation with the media and the public through 4 single tops, 1 clip and many showcases. 2016 Johndoe entrepreneur creates the UmoyaLMRecords label and produces 3 singles/ 4 clips. Release November 2K17 “NEGUS” MaxiEP 6 tracks. by @johndoemizikfans

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