Ileana Cabra (iLe as her artistic name) is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter who grew up with a family of artists, most of them with music and acting skills, including two of her brothers: Residente and Visitante, musicians famous for their work.

Ileana started singing since she was a little girl, also learning to play the piano, until she was 16 years old that joined with her before mentioned brothers to create a band named ‘Calle 13’, where she had the opportunity to do the chorus with Residente and sing during 10 years.

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Her soloist career began when she made a live performance with Kevin Johansen interpreting “Logo”, and other performances with artists like Jorge Drexler and Gustavo Cordera.

Her debut solo single “Caníbal” surprised the public, accompanied by a very acclaimed and praised music video, and included in her first album “iLevitable” (released in 2016) with another 9 titles. This album was the winner of a Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album in 2016 and gave iLe a nomination the same year to a Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

iLe’s second album “Almadura” was released in 2019 and contains 12 titles, the singles “Temes” and “Odio” among them. The most recent single of the artist “En Cantos” is a collaboration with the singer Natalia Lafourcade. She continues collaborating with her brothers sometimes as she did in her brother Residente’s single “Sexo” (2018) and her brother Visitante’s band ‘Trending Tropics’ song named “El Futuro Ya Pasó” (2019).

iLe’s music style combine different Afro-Caribbean and Latin American rhythms, with jazz, bolero, bugalu and mambo, using touches of classic salsa and folk. Supplemented with her original and passionate voice, alongside with the strength and boldness of her lyrics. A big artist whose message needs to be heard.

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