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Maite Carballo Hernández, better known as Flor Amargo, is a Mexican born on February, 1988. She is a soloist, composer, pianist and occasional guitarist, considered by many contests nationwide, as the best original Rock-pop-electro proposal. She studied classical piano at the National Conservatory of Music, at the very young age of 8 years old, motivated by her mother.

There she acquires all her musical knowledge, both in the field of composition and the piano. She claims herself as the creator of the genre “Katartic-pop”, with which she intends to combine music and histrionics to achieve catharsis, with an atmosphere that connects her in every emotion transmitted to her audience.

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Flor Amargo was the name of her band many years ago, but the musicians left and she started a short journey through the world of record companies and programming on radio stations.

In 2008 the renowned producer Loris Ceroni, who has worked with artists such as Alejandra Gúzman, Reyli and Kalimba among others; records and produces 4 songs of Flor Amargo in Bologna Italia, at the Le Dune studios. In 2010 she released her first album “Carrusel” including 10 tracks, under the label OCESA-Seitrack.

After this first album, the label gave her a retirement letter, so she went forward with her second album independently. She also participated at the show talent “La Voz: México” in this same year, but didn’t won. On 2016, “Espejo Crista, Vol.1”, which is sold only by digital platforms, is released.

Flor’s third album entitled “Tú y Yo”, which includes songs like “Loca”, “Pedro Infante”, “Que Yo te Amaba”, “Tú y Yo”, among others, was launched in 2017. Her next project was a collaboration with the group Espana Circo Este, creating an EP “España Circo Este & Flor Amargo”, that includes 3 titles and saw the public light in 2018. “Paranóica” and “Me Siento Bien” (both released in 2018), are two of her most famous singles.

“Sin Maquillaje” is her most recent album, released in April, 2019. It comes with 17 tracks, including the singles “Sandunga”, “EL MION”, “La Llorona”, “Urge” and “La Bruja”. The album is characterized by Flor’s special and unique touch, which creates strong and melodramatic melodies denoting her passion for the music.

The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Michael Jackson, Abba, Loris Ceroni, Flamenco and Indian music are some of the influences that makes her who she is, and created the musical taste she owns. Flor Amargo presents alternative music with acoustic and circus tints; her songs are full of laughter, joys, sorrows and fears.

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