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Edwin Sanz

Born and raised in San Agustin, a working class province of Caracas in Venezuela, Edwin came from a poor but loving family, sharing a room with his many brothers and sisters. At the young age of 6, Edwin was encouraged by his parents to join the dance group Grupo Maderaby way of introduction from his Uncle (a professional dancer and choreographer). Showcasing Afro-Caribbean and Venezuelan culture through the medium of dance, Grupo Madera, with a youthful Edwin, travelled all over South America and Europe. At 14, by this time a fully-fledged member, Edwin made the life changing decision to play percussion. 

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He remained an important fixture of the group until the age of 18, but at this point he’d dedicated himself to the vocation of becoming a professional percussionist. He immediately moved to Paris where western musical influences coloured and enhanced his repertoire. He describes his years living in Paris as ‘inspirationally crucial’. As well as his personal artistic pursuits, Edwin teaches percussion at the Conservatoire of Music in Geneva. From a student of dance in Venezuela to a teacher and mentor to young adults in Switzerland Edwin takes the view, “It is important to work with young people because you are planting seeds for the future”. by edwinsanz.com

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