Duina Del Mar

Duina Del Mar

Duina Del Mar was born in Cali, Colombia. His father, “Jahuira” is a singer-songwriter and his mother, “Pankarita” is a dancer; both young travellers, free, dreamers and lovers of life. Duina grew up surrounded by art, lulled by her father’s singing, in the midst of mountains, seas, rivers, drums and dance. From a very young age she began to sing, to listen to her father, to dance with her mother, to observe them and to let herself fall in love with music and dance. Her entered the conservatory to study singing, then piano, guitar and percussion. She studied dance from a very young age and then joined dance companies, working day after day with her mother on the movement and immersed herself completely in the universe of art. She studied jazz singing at the Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá, and some time later decided to begin to materialize an endless number of ideas and emotions that led her through a long creative process where she put herself to the test as a composer, arranger and producer.

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His parents gave each child the name of a different ancestral community: Sadhu: walker; Suami (who is part of his band as a percussionist): the one who comes from the sun; Duina: it is a word that describes the moment when a ray of light passes through the drops of a spring and a rainbow appears; Jahuira, his father: Rio; Pankarita, his mother: Florecita. Duina studied at Ideas School, her parents’ school; a multi-directional workspace, where science is reconciled with art and emotion with reason. For the production of her album NATURAL, Duina worked with Julio Reyes Copello, producer of renowned artists (Marc Anthony, J-lo, Alejandro Sanz, Carmona.) After that process worked with the producer and artist Casadiego and later traveled to Jamaica to spread her album of all the Caribbean flavor and rhythm of the hand of the producer The Wizzard. Duina is represented by Chris Smith, founder of Chris Smith Management (Nelly Furtado, Fefe Dobson, among others) and Andrés Recio, 2010 Latin Grammy winner as executive producer and A&R of Nelly Furtado’s Spanish-language album, Mi Plan. Duina del Mar is part of the strategic alliance between Universal Music Latin and 21 Sunshine Entertainment. by ARManagement

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