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“I show the beauty of our languages ​​because it is the main link with our culture”, says the singer/songwriter. Bassy is an inspiring Cameroonian artist born in 1974 (Yaundé, Camerún), one of his father’s 21 children. His mother was the youngest of his father’s three wives. He began singing at the age of three, waking up at 5am every day to rehearse with the other children of the village.

Blick formed his first band in Cameroon at the age of 17, it was called “The Jazz Crew” and would later become “Macase” (around 1996), a creative fusion jazz group inspired by local rhythms with three singers, all singing a different Cameroonian language. After feeling the frustration of the lack of musical growth in Cameroon, he made the decision to leave the band and move to Paris, France in 2005.

Photo by Roger Hennum

Later, he started to perform in small venues, securing a recording deal for his first two albums with World Connection, and working with artists like Manu Dibango and Lokua Kanza. He finally launched his debut album “Lemán” (which fuses rhythms from Central Africa and West Africa) in 2009, including 15 songs.

Two years later he released his second album called “Hongo Calling” (that was recorded in Brazil after a research study by Blick on the musical link – mainly through slavery – between Cameroon and Brazil) in 2011.

After this he moved to Cantin, a little town in the North of France. Bassy says that his last album, “Akö” (released in 2015 under the label No Format!) was influenced by Skip James, the American blues musician. His song “Kiki”, from the album “Akö”, featured as the theme song for the worldwide launch of the iPhone 6 in 2015. Bassy’s lyrics are in Bassa, one of 260 Cameroonian languages, he says that it considered very important to make those tribe languages known, and that’s why he wrote a book about it called “Le Moabi Cinéma”. 

His new album echoes the delicacy of bossa nova along with reminders of his other influences, from African styles to the Mississippi blues of his hero Skip James. A charming, intriguing set. Since his last album, he has been working as a guest singer on songs by other great artists.

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