Alune Wade

This Senegalese whose real name is Alioune Wade, is a virtuous bass player, singer/songwriter and jazz musician. Alune was born on June, 1978, in Dakar, Senegal. His father, the leader of a symphonic orchestra, infused the music in him. When he was only 13 years old, he chose the bass as the instrument that would follow him through his life. He started to play with local bands in Dakar and began his firsts recordings in friend’s studios when he was 15 years old.

Three years later he made an audition that turn him the new bass player of Ismaël Lô, one of the most prestigious musicians of the African continent. The young musician stayed with him for eight years.

Photo by Dominique Rimbault

It also participated on the jazz fusion band “The Zawinul Syndicate”. He has been the bass player of versatile artists like Henri Dikongué, Paco Sery, Mokhtar Samba, to mention a few. In 2006 Alune released his first solo album entitled “MBOLO” (meaning “Union” in Wolof), presenting a mixture of a rhythmically rooted in Africa and influenced by jazz, and contemporary music from all over the world, combining his training in African rhythms with modern jazz influences.

He further explored those influences on his 2010 project “AYO NENE”. Wade collaborated with Cuban pianist Harold López-Nussa to shape the work of “Havana-Paris-Dakar” (Released in 2015), that is a bridge between the native homes of these two artists. In 2015, Alune recorded with Marcus Miller the album “Afrodeezia”.

His work “African Fast Food” released in February, 2018, fully explores the profound connection between African rhythms and other global influences, exploring jazz and all of the boundless possibilities for interpretation. Promoting the amazing genre of jazz and the African influences in it, this artist promises to make himself known worldwide.

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