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Ali Amran

Ali Amran is a troubadour of the present world. An explorer who carries the music of his people around the world and enriches it in return. He has made his mark on the Kabyle (and Algerian) music scene by his innovative style: melodies inspired by the earth but transcended by a voice, texts, phrasing and arrangements inspired by rock and blues.  

Photo by @ali.amran.officiel

His originality attracted the collaboration of internationally renowned talents such as Chris Birket (with albums by Sinéad O’Connor, Talking Head, Bob Geldof, Alain Chamfort and other stars) and JP Rykiel (Youssou N’Dour, Brigitte Fontaine, Xalam, C. Lara, Vangelis, Leonard Cohen, Amadou and Mariam, etc.). by

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