Manu Manzo

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Manu Manzo Manu Manzo is a singer / songwriter born in Venezuela and raised in the city of Miami. He began at a very young age to study singing, dancing and acting. She grew up listening to jazz and Latin music, artists like Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Winehouse, Sarah Vaughan, Celia Cruz and Alejandro Sanz, … Read more


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Choc Quib Town are an Afro-Colombian hip-hop band whose independently released debut album, Somos Pacífico, won them critical acclaim. Founded in Quibdó, the capital city of the Chocó region of Colombia, Choc Quib Town are comprised chiefly of rappers Tostao, Goyo, and Slow, in addition to several musicians who perform the band’s tropical style of … Read more