L French Où T

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L French Où T started singing in 2001 with the hip hop group Alia 2, while living in Barcelona. It is from this experience that he takes his name, which means “the French” phonetically (the franchisee), that he writes L French Où T because he sings mainly in French, but also in Spanish and English. … Read more


Volodia Volodia, young artist of the scene Hip-Hop / Reggae, uses for several years now the boards of the rooms in the four corners of the Hexagon. Whatever the rhythm, the place or the circumstances that lead him to sing, Volodia, a true chameleon vocal, likes to experiment with styles and shows his advantage as soon … Read more

Pablo Moses

France Music

Pablo Moses Pablo Moses, born in Jamaica as Pableto Henry, released his first album in 1975, Revolutionary Dream, issued in the United States by UA Records as, I love I Bring “ A university trained poet,” according to the Village Voiced Carol Cooper, Moses articulated his Rastafarian ideology with unprecedented political frankness in a high … Read more

Nancy Ska Jazz Orchestra

Nancy Ska Jazz Orchestra We can say that the Nancy Skankin’Jazz Orchestra is the first Big Band to explore the style Ska-Jazz in France. This training is born from a common passion for the rhythmic jamaican 60’s and the richness of the sound of the Big Band swing years. The NSJO brings together the best and … Read more


France Music

Martin Mussard, known as “Naâman”, was born in February, 1990 (Dieppe, France). His music reflects his personality; authentic and spontaneous. Naâman begins to listen to reggae at the age of 11, he had a preference for artists like Bob Marley, Mighty Threes, and others. He learned his first guitar chords with his father and a … Read more


french music

Jamesty is a musical group that likes to mix jazz, funk and soul rhythms with the roots of reggae. Dealing with a variety of themes or committed to human or social values, Jamesty is inspired by their rhythms and melodies to compose. Because sharing messages, the pleasure of playing and expressing oneself on stage is … Read more


Danakil Danakil has been a reggae and independent music activist since 2001 and has been touring the world for over 15 years, delivering hundreds of hot lives that are a big part of the band’s success. After 4 studio albums, 2 lives, and 2 “DUB” albums, the collective has lost none of its strength, its desire, … Read more