Sofia Ellar

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A purely authentic artist with an incredible potential to keep exploring and showing it to the world, Sofia Ellar, whose real name is Sofia Lecubarri and Ruigómez, was born in 1993 in the United Kingdom, but raised in Spain. That turned her into a bilingual singer, with pieces both in Spanish and English. Since an … Read more

M Pokora

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One of the most promising uprising French stars, a young man with too much passion and natural talent for the music industry internationally, Matthieu Tota (also known before as Matt Pokora), was born in Strasbourg, France (in 1985) and has Polish roots. He is an actor, dancer, singer and composer, whose career has been a … Read more


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Eleazar ‘Joshué’ Arias was born in Venezuela. This singer/songwriter, music composer, pianist, arranger, musical director and producer, began to feel passion for music when he was 8 years old, supported by the people around him to take his first steps participating in musical contests. Years later he moved to Caracas (Venezuela’s capital state) to learn … Read more

Laura Guevara

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A multifaceted and complete Venezuelan artist, from Caracas and born in 1987, whose talents goes from being singer, songwriter and composer, to a dancer, plastic artist and even audiovisual director. Received from the Venezuela Central University as Bachelor of Arts, Laura is one of the youngest Venezuelan artist with a huge international potential to success … Read more

Nina Attal

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French singer, guitarist and composer, with a masterly voice and an undeniable born talent with the guitar, Nina Attal has conquered us since 2009 when she won 5 prizes at the ‘Tremplin National Blues sur Seine’ and started her professional music journey, working with artists like Fred Chapellier, Boney Fields or Lucky Peterson. Learning and … Read more

Anna Leya

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Anna is a Swedish musician, who is currently living in Paris. This singer/songwriter combines alternative pop, jazz, folk, and house in a way to create her own characteristic style that makes her stand out. Her music, full of passion and intensity, paints an aura of calm and relaxation, with a touch of beat sounds, and … Read more

Andrea Lacoste

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The Venezuelan singer Andrea Lacoste, is a creative, honest and polyglot artist. She is also a translator interpreter graduated from Modern Languages, and she studied musical production in Mexico. Andrea has always been a big fan of 80’s music, including artists like Animotion and New Order. Later, between different trips and removals, she lived in … Read more

Fanny Seï

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Fanny Seï is a French author, composer and performer. Originally from Montpellier, she moved to Paris where she followed a 3-year professional training in musicalmente theatre. Guitarist, pianist, singer, she has been a subway musician for 4 years. It is with the group Les Ich, that she made her first steps on stage, and composed … Read more

Daniel Largent

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(Album – Permafrost 2019) Permafrost is the glacial sedimentary plate on which houses in Alaska and Siberia are built. As everyone knows, this space is slowly melting for the first time in 11,000 years. The change in the global climate is a reality that Daniel Largent understands at all times in his many travels. Acting … Read more


France Music

Zaho Zehira Darabid, known as Zaho, is an Algerian-born pop-R&B singer, songwriter, and arranger who broke through in 2008. Born in Oran, Algeria, she grew up in the suburb of Bab Ezzouar but moved with her family to Montreal, Quebec, Canada at age 18. Her early credits include appearances on songs by French rappers La … Read more