Consuelo Jerí

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This Ayacuchana, defender of poetry and Quechua culture from the Peruvian Andes, María Consuelo Jerí, is a passionate singer with nothing more than pure love, respect and appreciation for her roots and homeland. She interprets diverse music genres and in some indigenous languages all from Peru. Jerí started singing since she was a young girl, … Read more


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Ileana Cabra (iLe as her artistic name) is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter who grew up with a family of artists, most of them with music and acting skills, including two of her brothers: Residente and Visitante, musicians famous for their work. Ileana started singing since she was a little girl, also learning to … Read more

Quintero´s Salsa Project

Quintero´s Salsa Project The great Venezuelan percussionists Luisito & Roberto Quintero are proud to present their new project entitled “Quintero´s Salsa Project“ and their new material “Nuestro Hogar” a new, fresh proposal, full of excellent music and outstanding artists, made for all people who like good salsa. Last May they launched their new advertising theme. “Estimada Flor”, … Read more


Niuver Between energy and sensuality, Niuver captivated by his charisma and his musical ease. On stage, she picks you up with her guitar and poetry and takes you into a world of mixed colors of her different cultures. No salsa, but the song with jazz influences, Brazilian sounds and Cuban rhythms. Born in Matanzas (Cuba), Niuver … Read more

Edwin Sanz

Edwin Sanz Born and raised in San Agustin, a working class province of Caracas in Venezuela, Edwin came from a poor but loving family, sharing a room with his many brothers and sisters. At the young age of 6, Edwin was encouraged by his parents to join the dance group ‘Grupo Madera’ by way of … Read more

Duina Del Mar

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Duina Del Mar Duina Del Mar was born in Cali, Colombia. His father, “Jahuira” is a singer-songwriter and his mother, “Pankarita” is a dancer; both young travellers, free, dreamers and lovers of life. Duina grew up surrounded by art, lulled by her father’s singing, in the midst of mountains, seas, rivers, drums and dance. From … Read more